Found Images

One of the great things about the mobile phone camera is that it is always with you. The images in this gallery show the beauty of always having a camera.

Made Images

What originally intrigued me was my ability to play with different apps and get finished images that might have taken hours – or simply been impossible for me – in Photoshop.

Whether street work in urban areas, ironic scenes, nice design elements, architecture or mysterious landscapes dappled with light, straight images with classic processing methods create good images.


The iPhone has been with me in remote locations with no cell service such as Antarctica, Greenland, or Death Valley and to more populated areas such as Tokyo, New York, and Buenos Aires.


I have enjoyed using the camera to capture found images or to experiment with slow motion or time lapse videos.

To be able to make images looked distressed, like drawings, paintings or tintypes opens up new worlds of creativity.


Many of the images in this gallery use multiple apps and I teach these techniques in my workshops.


I am gratified to see people’s creativity ignited by an accessible and intuitive tool.


Often in the workshops, people who have never seriously used a camera, as well as professionals with years of experience, find new ways to express themselves.

The looser, less structured feeling of my iPhone images has propelled me to explore new ways of seeing in my other work.

As with my early experiences, they become excited and enjoy the happy process of making art.

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