This is a body of work that I started capturing in 2011, continued through 2013 and required a number of journeys to Iceland, Greenland and Antarctica. I am attracted to the sculptural beauty and the extraordinary atmospheric elements of these polar regions. The ice work has resulted in a number of stories.




Here is the story of heroes, commanding reminders of the journey from glacier to open ocean. The floating castles, palaces, canyons, and mesas remind me of buildings and distant lands from long ago. They seem both eternal and historical.


Nature's Mirror


This group of images came together rather quickly after a fairly long and frustrating effort to achieve mirrored effects in Photoshop. After glimpsing the reflection of an iceberg during a still morning in Iceland, I had found a possible way to duplicate – or mirror if you will – my rather obsessive quest for images with symmetry. My hope was to add to this portfolio during a subsequent trip to Greenland. In the first hour of the first ride on the Zodiac cruising through the early morning waters of Greenland’s Disko Bay I captured dozens. Finally, in Antarctica I saw an iceberg not only mirrored in the water, but also echoed in the shoreline’s mountains.




Facets explores the crystalline beauty and exotic nature of ice, ice in glaciers, small details of icebergs, smaller pieces of ice in a larger environment.


Harsh Tranquility


This group shows the moments of drama, light, and cloud that play on the large landscapes of the world’s stage. As in a number of my seascapes and landscapes, bands of light, banks of clouds, moments of surf and weather create patterns of mood and silence.




A small body of work captured in just a few minutes observing the reflection of the sun in waters dotted with melting ice. The ice, dark water, and sun create miniature solar systems, asteroids, small worlds and galaxies floating in space.


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