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Digital Creativity in the Mobile World

Next workshop date to come



Pros know that the best camera to use is the one you have with you. Today’s smart devices have digital cameras that would put the early generations of digital pro cameras to shame.


Now it’s possible to process and finish images on location and send them out to the world, joining the estimated 1.6 billion images uploaded to social media daily.


We’ll explore the special way you see, do some field work at lunch time and explore some of the processing apps that will make your images reflect your artistry


Exploring apps, seeing light, and developing personal style will be the focus of the workshop. There will be demonstrations of shooting techniques, multiple app demonstrations, and review of student portfolios. The goal of the workshop is to create a new body of work that can serve as a basis for continuing creative expression.


This is an iPhone-centered class and we will explore the new iOS 10 as well as the iPhone 7 Plus. If students would like to use Android devices or other digital cameras, that is fine, but it will be better if they have an iOS device such as an iPad to view and complete the work











Beginning Photoshop for Photography


Thursday, April 6

6:30 pm-8:30 pm

Tuition: $25




Whether you take photos with your cell phone or SLR, this enjoyable class will teach you basic Photoshop skills to improve your photos in color or black and white. I have worked with Photoshop professionally since the 80s and have taught it for 15 years. Laptop with Photoshop required















Drawing from Observation; Fundamentals 1


Saturday, March 25

9:30-4:30 with an hour break for lunch

Tuition: $65




Drawing from observation is an engaging and mindful activity, challenging enough to be enjoyable, but not overwhelming. It is also an essential skill for those who are learning to paint. The first workshop is about line, shape, space and proportion. No previous experience required. The second workshop, Fundamentals 2, adds value and texture. 9:30-4 with 45 minutes for lunch. All materials provided. You just have to show up!


Drawing from Observation: Fundamentals 2


Next workshop date to come




This workshop builds on the skills of the Fundamentals I workshop with the addition of value tones, texture, expressive mark making, and composition.


This knowledge is essential for those who want to learn to paint or sculpt from observation, or those who want to take their drawing skills to an advanced level. Most of our drawing will be in the studio, but if the weather allows, we will draw plein air within walking distance, or in interiors of public spaces.


Please note that I may repeat this workshop, so if you are disappointed that you can't make this workshop, email me, and I'll let you know the additional date.



Painting with Soft Pastels


Next workshop date to come




The beauty of soft pastels is their simplicity, just pigment held together with a little binder to hold a stick shape. Painting with soft pastels is a more direct way to paint than with oils.  You can skip mixing on a palette and wrestling with brush control, cart around fewer supplies, and complete paintings much more quickly.


For most of us, it is easier to get into the flow and feel the joy of creating form and color with pastels instead of oils. Although you are limited by the number of colors in your collection, I will teach you how to use neighboring colors and layers to create the color sensations.


This beginner workshop focuses on how to see colors, use neighboring colors to create form and interest and the basic care and application of pastels while painting still lives.  I strongly recommend this workshop for anyone new to painting, or anyone who has always wanted to try soft pastels.


All that is required are basic drawing skills. I recommend you purchase the Unison half-stick of 30 collection, available from Blick art materials. Or, for an extra $10 you can just use my pastels. I will provide paper and easels. To ease your mind about the cost of the soft pastels, if you don't fall in love with them, I will purchase them from you since I use them anyway.


Color and Oil Painting


Next workshop date to come




Spend the day learning the fundamentals of painting the colors you observe with oils, mixing color to preserve luminosity while creating form, and basic alla prima brushwork.


I will provide all the materials, so this is also a great first oil painting workshop. The only requirement is drawing skills. Please note that I may repeat this workshop, so if you are disappointed that you can't make this one, email me, and I'll let you know the additional date.


Color Mixing Bootcamp


Next workshop date to come




Are you new to painting and want to develop a love for color?


Or are you already painting but feel like you are stuck in a color rut, or are just plain frustrated sometimes and want an enjoyable day of retuning?


Or do you want to jump from another medium into oil painting?


A great way to train and keep an organized record of what you are learning is just to spend a full day mixing specific color charts. Just like anything, color mixing takes practice before it can be fully intuitive.


Think of musicians who continue to practice scales and phrases. I find that making these charts helps me when I become frustrated and is even soothing, I end the day knowing this exercise was time well spent. I will provide all the materials for painting in oils (water miscible for low odor).


All you need is to show up! (If you want to work in acrylics or watercolors just email me so I can make sure you bring the right colors.) I explain specific exercises and color information, talk about the relativity of color, explore different artist's use of colors, as well as give you a list of fantastic books to help you learn further.


This is designed to be enjoyable and even social. After this day you will be noticing colors all around you and telling yourself how you would mix that color. We will have an hour break for lunch when we can eat in nearby restaurants.






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